Being close to as old as earth itself I'm mostly looking for new experiences, too weak to give a complex skill-based game the time and effort needed and too versed to take pleasure in some standard shooter I already saw back in 1909. I've played thousands of games on most platforms since a very young age, some with my friends, some when I needed friends. Gaming is an as versatile experience as a vacation is, possible to enjoy in so many different ways. To list them like this thus felt as ridiculous as comparing a tasty fruit to a proper nail clipper. What we do for love!

A decade ago I worked in the business, totally occupied. I started as a reviewer and then editor for a couple of years, for an American site and then the biggest Nordic one, very passionate and with around 25 writers to care for. Got worn out, left, was almost lured in again but stayed away. Instead I drew for some games, started working for the Football Manager creators Sports Interactive, almost at EA - and then got bored and left it all. You can hear me choose my favorite game music and talk some memories as a guest host of Swedish podcast Spelmusikklassiker here or tiredly feature in the classic Spelradion here. The rest I've done might be on difficulty hard to find but try up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-start and maybe you'll be surprised.

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     01 FINAL FANTASY VII, role playing for PlayStation, 1997     
     play/played with alone, Mike, Alec
     called in sick with "ff7" during gymnasium to forget myself in this magical world. a
     mesmerizing experience that stayed in my heart. aeris, nobuo, midgar, gimme elixir!

     02 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER, soccer sim for PlayStation 2, 1995 -  
play/played with Egon, Alec, Sepp, Araya, Manne, Cron, Marcus and others
     a series we've played a gazillion of matches in, co-op in cups or battling each other,
     always improving. extreme depth, terrific flow. sadly crap on the new consoles so far.

     03 METROID PRIME, fps adventure for Gamecube, 2003     
     play/played with alone, Johan, Alec
     as fun as it is impressive, with a great world, control, bosses, puzzles, visuals and audio.
     bought a gamecube for this and was hooked already at the menu screen. great sequels.

     04 OCARINA OF TIME, adventure for Nintendo 64, 1998     
     play/played with alone, Alec
     mindblowing 3d adventure, now plagiarized and topped. enchanted christmas and kept
me spellbound until i'd found it all 20 hearts. the water temple, windmill hut, falling hand.

     05 XENOGEARS, role playing for PlayStation, 1998     
     play/played with alone
     hated the fighting but was totally gripped by the plot about creation, love and whatnot.
     can't think of a better story in a video game. wonderful music. need to replay soon.

     06 FALLOUT 3, fps adventure for Xbox 360, 2008     
     play/played with alone
     a post-war world, free to explore and have fun in - and what adventures i've had! not
     always the most flawless game but highly addictive and pleasant. my second home.

     07 MEGA MAN 2, platformer for NES, 1989     
     play/played with alone, Erling, Mike, Abiel, Jon
     pretty much the ideal platformer, great in every aspect. have humiliated dr. wily many,
     many times over the years and will keep doing so. lovely sequels in especially 9 and 3.

     08 SUPER MONACO GP, racing for Mega Drive, 1990     
     play/played with alone
     racing game i drove to master, lots due to the story-driven circuit that triggered my
     imagination. was once best in europe according to a sega rep. still great but too easy.

     09 RESIDENT EVIL, adventure for PlayStation, 1996     
     play/played with Jeton, Jon, Johan, alone
     unparalleled cinematic experience back in -96, solving the moody mysteries of t-virus
     and umbrella. know it inside out and love all parts up to the lobotomized re4 and 5.

     10 MIKE TYSON'S PUNCH-OUT!!, boxing for NES, 1987     
     play/played with alone, Emrah, Erling, Cron, Mike, Abiel, Ranj and others
     skill-based boxer every kid in the hood talked and spread rumours about. reaching next
     opponent was nerve-racking. i dreamt matchups, popinski vs sandman. quite flawless.

     11 SUIKODEN, role playing for PlayStation, 1996     
     play/played with alone, Jon, Jeton
     the only game that've made me cry - and even twice. overall a simple rpg but with story
     and characters i took to heart. great focus on friendship. almost as enjoyable sequels.

     12 FOOTBALL MANAGER, simulation for PC, 1994 -     
     play/played with Egon, Alec, Sepp, Manne and others
     an imprisoning narcotic giving some unforgettable trips. in return for freedom we got
     to own the world with shitty teams like rennes. wonderful memories. i'm clean today.

     13 MANIAC MANSION, adventure for NES, 1990     
     play/played with Mike
     kids trapped in a nightmarish mansion with several alternate routes to get out. we
     relished in the freedom, creatively tried whatever, totally enthralled. pointless today.

     14 HEAVY RAIN, adventure for PlayStation 3, 2010     
     play/played with Johan, Erling, Järps, Tess and others
     never have i cared so much about virtual characters. innovative, clever, superbly well
     paced. celebrated yet underrated, will be unsuccessfully copied for years forward.

     15 BLADE RUNNER, adventure for PC, 1997     
     play/played with alone
     detective story in my fave br universe, surprisingly engaging and well made. seen all
different endings but keep returning. awesome audio. love standing on that balcony.

     16 SHENMUE, adventure for Dreamcast, 2000     
     play/played with Alec, Erling
     jaws on the floor when moving stupid ryo in this virtual japan, alive and rich in detail like
never seen before. still dear, fascinating. great sequel. father's heaven, mother's earth.

     17 WIPEOUT XL, racing for PlayStation, 1996     
     play/played with alone, Jon
     futuristic racing, superbly designed and with terrific control. was once very good at it
     and keep coming back despite probably even better follow-ups. contender eliminated.

     18 PARASITE EVE, role playing for PlayStation, 1998     
     play/played with Jon, alone, Johan
     mix of final fantasy and resident evil i want more of. moody and unique with many great
     moments. dear and forgotten with sequels that stink. poor, poor slow-running aya.

     19 PERFECT DARK, fps multiplayer action for Nintendo 64, 2000     
     play/played with Erling, Egon, Alec, Sepp, Cron and others
     4 player fun killing each other, cunningly placing mines or hunting soon-to-be-surprised
     opponents with the farsight. superfun, fond memories but downright unplayable today.

     20 DISCWORLD, adventure for PlayStation, 1995     
     play/played with alone, Jeton
     great humor in a lovely world, with the wizard without any skills in the leading role.
     some far-fetched puzzles and babbly dialogue are quickly forgiven in this universe.

     21 METAL GEAR SOLID, action adventure for PlayStation, 1998     
     play/played with alone, Jon, Erling
     labeled as tactical espionage action, original and super classy. i enjoyed sneaking
     around as much as the cinematic story. awesome sequels, especially snake eater.

     22 WORLD OF WARCRAFT, massive role playing for PC, 2005     
     play/played with Johan, Sepp, Alec, Nepoz, Egon, Manne, Gabs and others
     extremely vast and thought-through, deeply admirable. loved exploring, had many
     marvelous times and laughs with my crew, but never cared for items and got bored.

     23 BUZZ, quiz for PlayStation2, 2005     
     play/played with Järps, Mary, Alec, Egon, Cron, Tess, Pau, Joe and others
     guaranteed fun in most groups and a series we always play and laugh with during
     holidays, online or off. writing own quizzes took it to a new level. lotsa memories.

     24 SUPER MARIO GALAXY, platformer for Wii, 2007     
     play/played with alone
     took me three years to finish even though i loved almost every minute of it. inventive,
     impressive, pretty flawless 3d platformer. not a fave genre but childishly joyful.

     25 TOMB RAIDER, action adventure for PlayStation, 1996     
     play/played with alone, Jon, Erling, Alec
     exploration, ambience, great puzzles and music. long, thrilling and varied adventure i
     skipped school to continue with. lara, rolling stones and traps, dinosaur, sound effects.

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