Me and my friends think it's pretty fun to laugh sometimes, but only online by typing :D and lol and never with each other. Here are some clips that have even made us text roflmao when watching them together on my computer lol.

- - -

>  Göran Persson har skrivit en bok helt själv
>  Just the coolest thing I've seen on live tv...
...and this perhaps the most touching

>  I wish my son will be like this, just gotta love the ending
 Replay the clip and he's even sadder
>  Underbart misstänksam Bingolotto-tant
>  One of the funniest film scenes I know
>  Pål och hans badboll
>  Lachance, a must see series
>  Jakob Eklund gör sig odödlig vafan
>  Very funny prank call
>  Storming japanese crazyasses
>  A kinda happy boy
>  Makes me tear
>  Jävla trams-tv
>  Ken Lee, tulibu dibu douchoo
>  De kallas wienerbroods
>  The japanese own goal that just never gets boring
 Härliga nyhetsmissar med kung Palm
>  Lyckad intervju
>  En japansk earth cake
>  Funniest acceptance speech, Mickey Rourke
>  I wish I made this film
>  Natalie Portman is a bad ass bitch
>  Bush and Bush in co-op
>  Kommentator Granqvist orkar inte längre
>  Ali G and abortion
>  Nein nein nein nein nein
>  Kräver sina omtittar men sen är man fast
>  Hejaklacken
>  Poor, poor goalkeeper
>  George Bush in tough situations
>  Ten of Bush's career highs
>  Bush speaking faves
>  Not as impressive as he hoped
>  Just doing his job
>  Fågelturken
>  When only cool people were gamers
>  The face of panic
>  Mike Schank, such a wonderful character
>  Stackars nyhetsuppläsaren i radio får en krokodil i halsen
>  I really feel for this poor fella
>  IRL Shenmue
>  IRL Resident Evil 4
>  Ruud's revenge
>  När råttet blev mågat
>  Never scare a black man
>  Lille Albin som bara ville väl
>  Björkman blir lite tokarg
>  Carola vs. självmedömkan
>  When you feel like adopting
>  Gotta be free kick!
>  Passionate commentator crying
>  Zlatan gör ett mål som inte finns men som ändå gör Granqvist väldi' glad
>  Wonderful toilet prank


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