Two pieces of mine

Few things can impress or touch my weak heart like good design can. When elements match, when colors speak, when a first impression of chaos morphs into an understanding of order. It's all an important drug to me, perhaps originating from my roots in the demoscene.

I'll make it easy for myself and just once in a while update the link below with new stuff. I hope some images might feel pretty good if you squint your eyes so hard you close them. My better work are definitely in film.

9732 cover and my old homepage

 c l i c k   i m a g e   t o   f i n d   a   c o l l e c t i o n   o f   m y   s t u f f   a t   d e v i a n t   a r t

If the legendary bearded man above gave me any talents, designing wasn't one. As it have been so enjoyable and often necessary because of the films and other creative adventures, I think I despite the poor starting condition have grown from a shitty designer into a quite mediocre one. It's probably what I like best doing, even though my conscience urges me to keep away from even trying. Let's say I'm like a juggling midget who instead of practicing my circus skills spend more of my time on sumo camps. A waste, you might think, but sumo camps seems really fun to some people. I'm like a Carolina Klüft who quit what she was good at to follow her heart and become a long jumper no one cares about. You go girl! as Oprah would tell us. We're both blond as well.

It would be lovely to spend a few months of my life just designing film intros, covers and t-shirts without any stress at all, drawing on big canvases, maybe give the videogame business another attempt. I guess it'll remain a dream in the same category as playing for the Swedish national team in soccer was during early teen hood. I'm disappointed of God not making an exception for me about that 24 hour rule - I want more life, father! He never listens.

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